Regular Absorbency Tampons, Compact Applicator /

6 pack

Veeda Tampons Regular - Applicator - 100% Natural Cotton 16 count All Veeda Tampons are manufactured in a world class FDA Approved European Facility that is ISO 14001 Compliant to ensure environmentally friendly production. All cotton is prepared using oxygen-based cleansing agents for a totally chlorine free, dioxin free, and pesticide free product. Veeda Tampons provide the comfort and reliability you value without compromising your health, the environment,or pricing. Made with out Rayon, wood fibers, additives, chemicals, synthetics, Veeda offers peace of mind that what is touching your body is nothing but the softest, most hypoallergenic and purest material on earth. 100% Cotton. We handle & manage our cotton from farm to factory to ensure we can guarantee the quality and provide peace of mind for our customers.

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