Every year, April 10th is a day set aside to dote on your sisters or brothers. National Siblings Day offers ample opportunity to bond with your siblings. If you’re a big sister, it’s also a great time to have that one-on-one period conversation with little sis.

5 Tips On How To Talk A Period Talk With Your Younger Sister

  1. Calm her embarrassment. She will probably be mortified, especially since her period probably came unexpectedly. Reassure her that it’s normal and is the first mark that she’s becoming a young lady. Spin the conversation towards the positive and less on freaking out at the sight of blood.

  2. Go virtual shopping together. You can grab your purses and spend some time at your local store trying to find the right brand and the right type of menstrual hygiene product for little sis. On the other hand, you can shop online and chooseVeeda hypoallergenic,pads andtampons made with natural, non-toxic ingredients. The best part about buying online is that you and little sis can shop for all of her menstrual hygiene needs without ever having to leave your comfy couch.

  3. Discuss menstrual protection options. Talk about the different options that little sis has and what she is most comfortable using. Pads are usually the first method of protection that’s a simple go-to. Veeda hypoallergenic, ultra-thin day and night pads are nice and long plus have wings that are designed to wrap around the panties for a stay-put fit. Whether your little sister is ready to use tampons is entirely up to her. Little sis has the option of usingVeeda’s non-applicator, 100% natural, non-GMO cotton tampons and applicator tampons. To learn more, you and little sis can review how to useVeeda tampon applicator. For first-time tampon users,Veeda lite is the smallest tampon size which is great for beginner tampon users. Though, it’s always nice to use Veeda panty liners in conjunction just in case.

  4. Invite more ladies into the chat.Invite your little sister’s girlfriends and yours. Make it a ladies-only potluck and have friends bring side dishes or keep it simple and make it a pizza night. However you decide to grub, chatting about that time of the month shouldn't be weird or embarrassing. Take the shame out of the topic by opening up the floor for questions. Allow your little sister and her friends to ask the older girls questions about their cycle.

  5. Utilize books and online resources. Now that information is just a Google search away, do some research to help better educate your little sister. You can review hot menstrual topics such as understanding her28-day cycle, what isendometriosis, whatfoods to eat while on her period, and other subjects like PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) and learning the difference betweenPMS and PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). To further help little sis learn about tampons, it would be wise to brief her ontoxic shock syndrome (TSS) and how to avoid it.

Don’t forget to loop Mom into the conversation and let her know that little sis has started her period. Welcome, Mom to join the fun girls-night chat or keep it a non-parent night. Whatever you do, dispel the notion that talking about periods should be taboo. There’s no shame in a woman's menstruation, and you can help her know that right from day one!