Fabulous Fun Winter Break Activities

December 19, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural

holiday traditions
Are you on winter break from school? If you’re taking a respite from high school or college, there are some fun things you can do to make the most of your holiday.

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How To Cope with PMS & Seasonal Affect Disorder

December 12, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural

PMS issues
Feeling a little blue lately? It could be PMS or it could be something else. Like Seasonal Affect Disorder, otherwise known as SAD, which affects 10 million Americans annually. Meanwhile, 85 percent of women experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Combined, the two create a perfect storm, and just in time for the holiday season.

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Menstrual Hygiene Management: Let’s Talk About Your Period

December 04, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural

natural cotton pads and tampons
The importance of proper menstrual hygiene has become less of a taboo, as mainstream media is writing more and more stories diminishing shame around the topic of menstruation education.

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Why #GivingTuesday is Good For You, Too

November 27, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural

Veeda Canada Donates


You might be well-stuffed after your Thanksgiving dinner and exhausted after a shop-until-you-drop Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping marathon. But while hearty meals and doorbuster deals are part of the holiday traditions, so should be considering the needs of others.

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Yeast Infection: Most Common Causes & Remedies

November 08, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural

yeast infection


The dreaded yeast infection can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing topic, but it is a much more common condition than you might think. In fact, an estimated 75% of women at some point in their lifetime will have at least one yeast infection, while 40% to 45% of women will have multiple recurring episodes.

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What Is Vaginal Discharge?

October 25, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural

vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is fluid that comes from the vagina. You might see this on the toilet paper when you wipe, or in your underwear.

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Benefits of Kegel exercises

September 27, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which in turn provides added support to the rectum, small intestine, bladder, and uterus.

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Fragranced feminine care? No, thank you!

August 30, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural

period calendar

Even nowadays there’s still stigma around periods, associating them as being ‘unclean’ and ‘unsanitary’ (totally NOT accurate). We think scented products are also part of this stigma. This type of product prompts menstruators to believe they need to buy scented products to feel or smell ‘clean’ on their period. But, does your vagina want, or indeed need, fragranced tampons, pads, liners and feminine wipes?

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How your period affects when you go #2

August 17, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural


Bloating and cramping during periods? Yes, but how about the your popping habits, how are they affected by your period? 

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Menstrual headaches and how to deal with them

July 20, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural

Period headaches
Periods can be annoying, even if we’re only talking about the regular symptoms like cramps, bloating, and, of course, bleeding. But on top of that, many women also experience headaches —adding yet another layer to an already less-than-pleasant few days.

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Why Veeda Natural Pads?

June 01, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural

Veeda Natural cotton pads samples
Nowadays, women start to become more health conscious and environment-friendly. We start to discover health risks from products that we regularly use, such as sanitary pads. Let me share with you how to get the protection and comfort you need with Veeda Natural Cotton Pads.

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Why do my breasts hurt before my period?

May 18, 2018 bypar Veeda Natural

Period Breast Pain
For some women, sore, sometimes painful breasts are a good tip-off that your period is about to make a visit. While the heads-up is nice, sore breasts can be incredibly uncomfortable.

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Veeda – Natural, Green Alternative

December 15, 2016 bypar Veeda Natural
cotton hygiene hypoallergenic liners nofragrance pads sensitive tampons toxinfree veeda wellness

Veeda natural cotton tampons, pads and liners
You are now entering the TMI (to much info) blog post! The one where we discuss periods. We are woman, and we get them.  There is nothing to be ashamed of! Especially when you have a Natural, Green product like Veeda.

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December 13, 2016 bypar Veeda Natural
canada hygiene hypoallergenic liners nofragrance pads sensitive tampons toxinfree veeda wellness

Veeda cotton pads, liners and tampons

I’m not sure what all I’ve written on this blog, but something that you may or may not know is that I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). If you want to know more here is the Wikipedia page.

Essentially I have not had a period in just over 3 years. I have cysts on my ovaries and there is a good possibility that I will have difficulties becoming pregnant and keeping a baby.

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Whipped Green Girl

August 30, 2016 bypar Veeda Natural

Whipped Green Girl and Veeda

Thanks to the Whipped Green Girl for this review:

Veeda Review - Natural Cotton Pads (by WhippedGreenGirl.com) #review #chemicalfree #organic #natural

With so many of us on a mission to be more green – it’s no wonder common things slip through the cracks… Like a woman’s monthly usage of pads and tampons – for real!

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The Brunette Ecoholic

August 30, 2016 bypar Veeda Natural

Brunette Ecoholic annd Veeda

A great review from The Brunette Ecoholic:

It’s that time again – time to pay your “monthly bill”. You run to the store and pick up the usual “popular” or store brand feminine product and go on your way, never stopping to think for even a second that there could be any health or environmental risks involved in your choices.

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Naturally Far Out

August 30, 2016 bypar Veeda Natural

Naturally Far Out and Veeda
Thanks to Naturally Far Out for this review.

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Reflection of Sanity

August 30, 2016 bypar Veeda Natural

Reflection of Sanity and Veeda

Reflection of Sanity reviews Veeda!

Today we are going to get a little serious and approach a different subject. Since most of my readers are women, I will be talking about us ladies stuff...to be more precise, the importance of educating ourselves about the feminine care that we use during that time of the month.

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Pure and Simple Pure et simple

August 30, 2016 bypar Veeda Natural

Healthy Veeda for healthy women

We believe that every woman should be able to choose the purest, safest, most effective products for her body.

Nous croyons que chaque femme devrait être en mesure de choisir les produits corporels les plus purs.

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